Distinctive spirit - With purpose

The first Ewe Whey Vodka exclusively produced and created in Wales.

The beginning of the journey

It all started when Bryn was making cheese. While draining the whey, a bi-product of cheese production, it struck us that we must be able to re-purpose this golden liquid.

After some research and conversations we decided to explore options of creating a 'ewenique' alcohol.

The creation of Ewe Whey Vodka

Decision Made

Once we had decided that we wanted to work towards creating an alcoholic drink from our whey we contacted our local distillery.

Experiment and explore

We worked closely with our distillery partner to try various technique and formulations to create the perfect drink.

That's the one!

After many different attempts we found the perfect clean and fresh Vodka.

A sweet start on the palate with a refreshing, zesty finish.

Ewe Whey Vodka is born!

Ewe Whey Voda

The only Welsh Vodka produced using Whey. Working together as a group of small family farms we have developed a distinct and locally made product.

Produced from the lush green fields of Wales, Ewe Whey Vodka is sustainable and ethical Welsh Agriculture in a bottle. It also happens to taste nice!!

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